Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


Quality assurance is a byproduct of ongoing efforts to define the objectives of an institution, to have a work plan to achieve them and to specify the checks and balances to evaluate the degree to which each of tasks is fulfilled.

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is the cell that is formulated for monitoring:

    One of the emerging challenges faced by any higher educational institution is the development, application and maintenance of quality benchmarks in all its key performance areas. To instutionalise the process of quality sustenance and enhancement, the Directorate of Internal Quality Assurance has been established in the University. The Directorate is a nodal agency for ushering in the era of total quality management by working out intervention strategies to enhance the quality in the institution in totality. The Directorate works for assuring all the stakeholders naming students, parents, teachers, staff, funding agencies and society in general-of the accountability of institutions for their own quality and probity.

IOC Incharge List :

    Dr. Pankaj Sharma

    Prof. Yash Paul

    Prof. Jaswinder Singh

    Prof. Amit Singh Singh

    Prof. Jigmet yangdol